Dealing with difficult thoughts – or how to drive the Tesla between our ears

Human beings have the biological equivalent of a sports car between their ears. And it´s wonderful that we have this device – our ability to reason and problemsolve, plan, predict, evaluate and abstract, is the envi of the rest of the living creation. 
But you would not jump in to a fast sports car and jam on the accelerator if sombody havent told you where the brakes are and how to apply them.

This mind of ours at times takes us in the wrong direction and when it´s doing that we have to know how to slow it down and put on those brakes. 

This is yet another Tedx talk with Steven C. Hayes, Ph D, who is one of the founding fathers of ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He has got some very interesting perspectives on human suffering and how to life a vital life. He also has a very fast accelerating mind himself so I personally often needs to hear his talks over and over to grasp it.

Try it out for yourself.

A short animation on loneliness

If you feel lonely – you are not alone.

Radical Compassion Challenge

I just came across this free 10-day program with teachings and guided meditations on Radical Compassion. It seems like a great opportunity to be inspired by folks like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Kristin Neff, Daniel Siegel and Tara Brach just to mention some of my favorites. Some of the core topics are said to be “embodied presence, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, seeing goodness, releasing blame and conflict, and living with the world in our hearts”.

What’s not to like? At least I am going to check it out.

The challenge runs from January 21 – 30, 2020. All you have to do is sign up here

To get a little bit unstuck – Robert Crumb on meditation, Louisiana Channel

“The mind is restless. The mind is turbulent. Meditation helps to still the waters…

Everything you do just adds to your fucked-up situation. Everything you do just gets you in deeper. Life is a tar, baby – you get stuck in it. And you try to get out and you get more stuck. That’s the way life is. So meditation does help you get some distance, get a little bit unstuck.”

American counterculture comic book artist, Robert Crumb is known for his honest depiction of his inner self in various forms, expressing his own anxiety and desires. But there is a side to Crumb that is less known: He frequently meditates. In this video from Louisiana Channel, he explains why.

What are you gonna do about difficult thoughts and feelings? – TEDx talk with Steven Hayes

“Life ask us questions. And probably one of the most important questions it ask us is ”what are you gonna do about difficult thoughts and feelings?” If you are feeling ashamed or anxious, life just asked you a question. (…) 

And the answer to that question says a lot about the trajectories of our lives wether or not they are going to unfold in a positive way that moves towards prosperity, love, freedom, contribution or downward into pathology and despair… and you have within you a great answer to that question or at least the seed of it. 

But you also have this arrogant, storytelling, problemsolving, analytic judgmental mind between your ears that does not have the answer and is constantly tempting you into taking the wrong direction…” 

Listen to the TEDx talk where Steven Hayes from a scientific and a personal perspective unfolds how psychological flexibility can be the answer to the question – ”what are you gonna do about difficult thoughts and feelings?”

Steven C. Hayes is a Nevada Foundation Professor in the Behavior Analysis program at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. He is the developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a popular evidence-based form of psychotherapy that uses mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based methods.


En god nats søvn er en luksus. Det finder man i hvert fald ud af, når man pludselig ligger der og ikke bare kan sove. Der findes mange råd mod søvnløshed – og så er der en håndfuld, som søvnforskere er ret enige om. Fem af dem er samlet her i en kortfattet artikel på, som kan læses her.

At iagttage tanker – observe your thoughts

Dr. Russ Harris har igen lavet en lille animationsfilm – en reminder om muligheden for at træde et skridt til side og observere sindets konstante strøm af tanker, når de er overvældende og ikke særligt venlige eller hjælpsomme.

Here is another animation from Dr. Russ Harris on how to handle sticky thoughts that are not helpful or kind. It is a metaphorical reminder that thoughts can be hold lightly and observed as sushi running on the sushi train. We do not have to buy into each and every plate presented.

Hjernemadsen om ADHD

“Hvad er ADHD? Hvordan er det at leve med ADHD og beslægtede diagnoser? Hvad er forskellen på at have ADHD og bare have svært ved at fokusere? Hvad kan man gøre ved ADHD?”

Hør Hjernekassen på P1 om ADHD

Hjernemadsen – Peter Lund Madsen, dr. med. har to gæster i studiet, der gør os klogere på ADHH:

Per Hove Thomsen, klinisk professor, Aarhus Universitet, overlæge Børne- og ungdomspsykiatrien Region Midt.

Niels Bilenberg, forskningsprofessor, overlæge Børne- og ungdomspsykiatrien, Syddansk Universitetshospital.

Hjernemadsen om vores ældgamle hjerne og angst

“Man skal ikke være bange, hvis man får angst. Det er meget, meget vigtigt for os mennesker at kunne blive bange.
Udfordringen for os moderne mennesker er, at vores hjerne er gammeldags, den opstod for cirka 100.000 år siden, og den har i sit genetiske udgangspunkt ikke ændret sig nævneværdigt siden. Vi fødes med en hjerne, der som udgangspunkt er programmeret til at være bange for det, der var farligt i stenalderen.” Peter Lund Madsen

I denne radioudsendelse fra P1 freestyler hjerneforsker Peter Lund Madsen og folder sin gedigne viden ud om hjernen – denne gang over temaet angst og ondskab. Jeg faldt særligt over den, fordi han 05.35 minutter inde i udsendelsen virkelig præcist beskriver nogle af de fakta omkring hjernens udvikling, som er med til at give os problemer. Det er samme perspektiv, som Russ Harris illustrerer i animationsfilmen Evolution of the Human Mindsom mange har fundet meget hjælpsom.

Lyt til Angst og ondskab i Hjernekassen her

A short calming yoga sequence

For my English speaking clients here is a free video from Adrienne. She is one of my favorites when it comes to guided yoga practices. In this video you can fin inspiration to simple things you can do whenever you want to calm down the nervous system be it anxiety or stressful times. Enjoy!