Our common faith

Our own hardest thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside others peoples minds? Or does your own mind tell you that you are the only one having harsh or heavy thoughts about who you are or what you ought to be? 

Training Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in many different global contexts have revealed to me how common our minds hardest judgements are. Often we walk around having the experience of being the only one, who is not good enough, who is too much or is fearing the moment when people around us will discover, who we really are – and thus leave.

Having the fortune of meeting so many fellow human beings in the open and vulnerable context of a therapy room it always strikes me how I wish everybody knew, how there is a common humanity shared across all our differences in personal circumstances, culture, education and possibilities: we as part of the human race have inherited a mind capable of so many wonderful things. The flip side is its tendency to be so cautious and wanting to protect us to a degree that our own mind ends up being our hardest critic.

This video is made on a workshop in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, where we the participants, psychologists and psychiatrists, where asked to write down the hardest thought that our mind keeps telling us.

Thanks to Rikke Kjelgaard for making the video.