Dealing with difficult thoughts – or how to drive the Tesla between our ears

"Human beings have the biological equivalent of a sports car between their ears. And it´s wonderful that we have this device – our ability to reason and problemsolve, plan, predict, evaluate and abstract, is the envi of the rest of the living creation.
But you would not jump in to a fast sports car and jam on the accelerator if sombody havent told you where the brakes are and how to apply them.

This mind of ours at times takes us in the wrong direction and when it´s doing that we have to know how to slow it down and put on those brakes."

This is yet another Tedx talk with Steven C. Hayes, Ph D, who is one of the founding fathers of ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He has got some very interesting perspectives on human suffering and how to life a vital life. He also has a very fast accelerating mind himself so I personally often needs to hear his talks over and over to grasp it.

Try it out for yourself.